Raven Tanks: Choosing the Optimal Water Storage Solution for Your Property

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right essential for healthy living, regardless of one’s background or origin. A crucial aspect of ensuring water purity involves selecting the right water storage tank, especially when complemented by routine water tank cleaning services. These tanks play a pivotal role in storing and distributing water to households, businesses, and industries. Making an informed decision involves considering factors such as location, material, and specific needs. In this blog post, tailored for Raven Tanks, we’ll guide you in finding the ideal water storage tank for your property. 


2 Strategic Water Tank Locations 

The choice of water tank is closely tied to its location, impacting the need for a base and additional considerations. Before delving into the materials, it’s essential to identify the two primary types of water tank locations. 


  • Above Ground Water Tanks Installing above-ground water tanks is a cost-effective and straightforward choice compared to underground options. Accessibility facilitates easy maintenance and repairs, without the need for specialized equipment. However, exposure to the elements increases the risk of damage. To mitigate this, consider investing in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tanks known for insulation and corrosion resistance. 
  • Below Ground Water Tanks Tanks installed below ground offer practicality by not consuming additional space or obstructing views. Shielded from harsh weather, these tanks benefit from the surrounding earth’s temperature regulation. In areas with extreme cold, installing tanks below the permafrost layer prevents freezing, though installation costs may be higher. 


3 Common Tank Materials 

After determining the tank’s location, understanding the material options is crucial. Here are common water tank materials to consider: 


  • Steel Tanks For durability and reliability, steel tanks are a substantial investment. Available in stainless and galvanized forms, these tanks are suitable for various applications, from residential to industrial use. Cost-effective and capable of holding significant water volumes, steel tanks can be easily installed by professional contractors. 
  • Concrete Water Tanks Known for strength and environmental friendliness, concrete water tanks are a robust choice. Suitable for storing hazardous materials and collecting rainwater, they find applications in firefighting, agriculture, and livestock supply. Manufacturers can efficiently produce these tanks to meet specific requirements. 
  • GRP Tanks Durable and resistant to chemicals, sewage, and wastewater, GRP tanks are lightweight yet highly durable. Outperforming other materials in strength tests, they offer an excellent solution for water storage needs. 



Selecting the right water tank for your property, in collaboration with Raven Tanks, ensures a clean water supply and mitigates waterborne illnesses. Evaluate materials, consider specific needs, and identify an ideal location to find the best-suited water storage solution. 

For professional water tank cleaning services in Sydney, trust Raven Tanks to meet your needs. With a dedicated history of serving the government, energy, and mining sectors, we provide quality services. Contact us now for a customized quote! 

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