PVC Tank Liners

PVC Tank Liners

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group supplies commercial and industrial customers in the Greater Sydney region with PVC tank liners custom-made to fit their specific tank capacity and needs. With over 20 years of experience, we deliver high-quality tank liner products and installation services that our clients trust.

We have been providing quality and precision-manufactured PVC tank liners to commercial sites for decades. Our custom-designed liners are rigorously tested and inspected before they are supplied and installed, ensuring a perfect fit and extended service life.

We offer our clients a competitive quality guarantee on all of our products and services.

The Benefits of Using PVC to Line Tanks

A properly installed tank liner protects your tank from corrosion and ensures that it continues to function properly. Most commercial water and chemical storage tanks in Australia require liners to prevent contamination and structural failure caused by long-term leaks.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a strong and durable synthetic rubber material with a smooth finish on both sides. It is also very resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

PVC liners can last for decades without needing to be replaced, as they do not disintegrate, tear, stretch, or dissolve over time. This makes them ideal for storing potable water and chemicals.

PVC Liner Applications

PVC Liner Benefits

Can be Used With Existing Systems

Do you have an old tank that needs relining? No problem! Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group offers a range of highly versatile fittings that are designed to work seamlessly with our advanced liner products and plumbing connections.

We can refit your steel or concrete tank with a cost-effective and ultra-durable PVC solution for a fraction of the cost of a new water storage system.

Tanks are Fabricated off-site and then Installed on-site.

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group custom-designs and manufactures PVC liners to your specific requirements, shipping and installing them on-site for a highly convenient end-to-end customer experience.

We also provide expert advice on components and supply and install the appropriate fittings and sealants to ensure that your entire storage system is functional and reliable.

A Solution that is Versatile and adaptable

PVC liners are a great choice for both open-top and closed-top industrial storage tanks. They are also ideal for tanks that require submersible pumps due to noise or space constraints, as they can easily accommodate this type of setup.

Professional Service and Support

The Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group team is here to help you with every step of the tank lining process, from answering your questions and responding to your inquiries to ordering your new PVC liners and installing them.

Our expert tank lining technicians will provide ongoing support throughout the entire process, from your initial call to well after the installation is complete.