Fire Tank Lining

Fire Tank Lining

Fire tanks in industrial and commercial settings need to be lined with reliable and durable materials to complete fire suppression systems.

Industrial fire tanks are often located on rooftops, which allows gravity to help maintain a high-pressure flow of water when the tank is in use. Commercial fire tanks also need high-quality liners to ensure that they can be stored reliably between uses.

Applying a high-quality, Australian-made fire tank liner to your new or existing fire tank or void space will help to protect your assets from corrosion for many years to come.

Fire Tank Liners and Extreme Heat Exposure

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group tank liners are designed to withstand both regular weather conditions and extreme climates. But how do they hold up in a fire?

Fire tank liner material that is not submerged in water will eventually melt. However, the melted material will float on the water, allowing the tank to maintain most of its water volume until it is empty.

Unlike poly tanks, fire tank liners are better protected from radiant heat by the galvanized structure of the tank. The tank acts as a heated “basin” that minimizes excessive damage to the liner.

Repairs & Replacements

Fire sprinkler systems are essential for fire protection in Australian workplaces, as there are hundreds of fire-related incidents each year. Fire tank liners must be able to keep water storage systems in good condition for long periods of non-use, so that they are ready when needed.

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group repairs and installs damaged, old, and new liners for commercial and industrial fire tank systems all over Australia. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can repair or replace the following:

Void Liners: How to Improve Fire Safety Using Unused Space

Commercial buildings often have unused space in the basement or other voids that can be converted into fire water tanks. Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group supplies and installs custom-made void liners to transform these wasted spaces into new fire water storage tanks.

Heavy-duty lining materials can be used to fill both obstructed and unobstructed spaces, regardless of the presence of beams, pylons, or pipes. This makes void liners a cost-effective solution for maintaining larger fire water volumes.

Additionally, void space tanks are usually hidden, making them a discreet and aesthetically pleasing option for all types of properties.

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