Tank Repair & Maintenance

Tank Repair & Maintenance

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group is a leading provider of commercial and residential water tank maintenance services. We develop individualized maintenance plans for each client, and our team of experienced and qualified technicians is equipped to handle all aspects of tank maintenance, from construction and inspection to repairs and refurbishment.

We use a variety of methods to repair and maintain water tanks, including ROVs, manual repairs, and a combination of the two. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services, and we understand that the safety of their water tanks is critical.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group for your water tank maintenance needs:

Our Tank Repair, Maintenance & Modification Services

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group is an expert in panel tanks.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in water storage tank maintenance, and we have performed tank repair projects of all sizes and complexity levels. We can modify, upgrade, replace, or repair any internal or external potable water tank or fire suppression system component in strict accordance with AS1851-2012 industry standards.

Our premium commercial water tank maintenance services include:

How Tank Maintenance Works

Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group is committed to providing our commercial clients with efficient, non-disruptive, and delay-free maintenance projects. Here is what you can expect prior to commencing operations:

How Often Should I Schedule Commercial Tank Maintenance?

How long has it been since your potable water or fire water tank has been professionally cleaned?

Neglecting commercial tank maintenance is dangerous, illegal, and could have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your obligations, the work that needs to be done, and when it needs to be done.

Commercial tank owners must be aware of their safety and compliance obligations in Australia, which include regular tank maintenance and inspections. Sediment, surface scum, and microbial growth can quickly build up in poorly maintained tanks, especially in hot climates or areas with high levels of dust and pollution. This can contaminate the water supply and pose a serious health risk.

To ensure the safety and compliance of their tanks, commercial tank owners should schedule regular inspections and maintenance with a certified tank inspector and maintenance professional. This includes:

We will use either commercial divers, ROVs, or both to inspect and repair components as needed.

If you are not sure where to start, contact our maintenance and repairs team today to discuss your specific needs, schedule an inspection for a current condition report, or ask any general questions about your ownership obligations.

How ROVs Have Changed Tank Repairs & Maintenance

Innovation, along with the integration of technology and traditional tank maintenance equipment, continues to reroute the Australian tank repair industry for the better.

How we negotiate, plan out and action potable water tank and fire water system maintenance has now completely altered due to the high-tech Remotely Operated Vehicle introductions.

ROV usage for commercial water storage units provides a range of benefits to both our maintenance personnel and you as our customer by:

Remarkable Customer Support

As a highly commended tank maintenance and repairs company across New South Wales, Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group continues to benchmark the standards for quality tank refurbishment works around the country.

Our competitively responsive team welcomes all questions, enquiries, and general queries regarding works we’ve completed or recommendations we’ve submitted to you for proposed maintenance!

Are you looking for an expert commercial water tank repairer? Contact Tank Liners Sydney by Raven Engineering Group today to discuss our services, accreditations, and any other questions or maintenance enquiries!