Raven Tanks’ Guide: Recognizing Signs for Tank Liner Replacement

The significance of timely maintenance and repairs for above ground storage tanks cannot be overstated, as it ensures longevity and the secure containment of valuable resources. Among the critical components requiring regular inspection is the tank liner, acting as a protective barrier between stored material and the tank structure. Even the most robust liners can degrade over time, emphasizing the need for tank owners to stay vigilant and identify signs that may signal the necessity for a tank liner replacement. 

In this illuminating blog, Raven Tanks will outline seven common indicators that suggest it’s time to replace your tank liner. From visible damage, such as cracks or peeling, to more subtle indicators like changes in color or odor, each sign will be discussed in detail. Staying informed about these key indicators equips you to make cost-effective decisions, ensuring the prolonged lifespan of your above ground storage tanks. 


Visible Damage to the Liner Material 

The most apparent sign that your tank liner needs replacement is visible damage to the liner material. This includes cracks, tears, peeling, and holes in the liner. These imperfections compromise the liner’s integrity, potentially leading to leaks and contamination. Regularly inspect your tank liner for visible damage and consider professional replacement services promptly to avoid complications. 


Color Discoloration and Degradation 

Discoloration and degradation in the material’s appearance indicate the need for tank liner replacement. Exposure to chemicals or sunlight can cause certain liners to fade or show signs of wear. While minor discoloration may not imply structural issues, significant changes in color can indicate compromised integrity. Consult with experts if severe discoloration occurs for appropriate action. 


Changes in Liner Texture or Flexibility 

Changes in texture or flexibility can signal the need for a liner replacement. Prolonged exposure to chemicals, temperature fluctuations, or mechanical stress can contribute to these changes. Regularly check the liner material for unwanted alterations to prevent eventual failure. 


Persistent Odors and Contamination 

Persistent odors and contamination suggest that your tank liner is no longer adequately protecting the tank’s contents. A compromised liner might allow odors to escape or lead to substance contamination. Consult with tank maintenance professionals to investigate and determine the need for a tank liner replacement. 


Leaks and Liquid Losses 

Leaks and unexplained liquid losses indicate a potentially inadequate liner that requires replacement. Liners are designed to ensure safe containment, so any leakage suggests a breach in integrity. Promptly conduct a thorough inspection, identify the root cause, and replace the tank liner if necessary. 


Inadequate Insulation or Temperature Control 

Some tank liners offer insulation and temperature control capabilities. Fluctuations in internal temperature or insulation issues may indicate that your tank liner is no longer effective. Monitor these capabilities to ensure optimal storage conditions and consider a replacement if needed. 

By staying informed and vigilant about these signs, you can proactively address issues and ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of your above ground storage tanks. Regular inspections, maintenance checks, and expert consultations are crucial to making informed decisions and protecting your valuable storage assets. 


Protect Your Investment with Timely Tank Liner Replacements 

Safeguarding your above ground storage tanks’ integrity and functionality is crucial for ensuring the safe containment of valuable resources. Recognizing signs that indicate the need for a tank liner replacement is vital in addressing issues proactively. If you suspect your tank liners need replacement, contact the experts at Raven Tanks today. Our experienced team will provide professional assistance in diagnosing your liner’s condition and offering solutions to ensure your storage tanks continue to serve you reliably for years to come. Visit our website to get in touch with our specialists. 

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