Raven Tanks: Ensuring Bushfire-Ready Above-Ground Storage

In many regions of Australia, the looming threat of bushfires demands meticulous planning and proactive measures to safeguard lives, property, and critical infrastructure. For those relying on above-ground tanks for vital resources like water or fuel, fortifying these storage systems becomes paramount to withstand the challenges of the bushfire season. 

In this comprehensive guide, we explore crucial steps and best practices to prepare your above-ground tank for the Australian bushfire season. From ensuring easy access for emergency services to protecting stored water quality, creating defensible space, and maintaining overall system integrity, we provide practical insights to secure your above-ground tank against the hazards of bushfires. Furthermore, we discuss the valuable role of professional tank service providers like Raven Tanks in facilitating seamless bushfire preparedness. 

With Raven Tanks’ expertise in tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance across Australia and the Pacific, you can trust our guidance and practical solutions to protect your above-ground storage systems. By comprehending the risks and requirements of the bushfire season, you can fortify your storage systems and resources, ensuring the safety and longevity of your investment. 


Facilitate Access to Emergency Services 

In bushfire preparedness, ensuring unhindered access for emergency services is a critical factor. Follow these guidelines to improve access: 


  • Clear Access Ways: Remove obstacles on the path to your tank, such as overgrown vegetation, debris, or parked vehicles. 
  • Signage and Visibility: Utilize clear, visible signage to indicate the tank’s location and provide directional signs for easier navigation. 
  • Minimize Distance: Ideally, place your tank no more than 100 meters from a road allowing emergency vehicle access and not more than 6 meters from a hardstand or accessway area. 


Enhancing access for emergency services increases the likelihood of protecting your above-ground tank and its stored resources, potentially saving lives and property during a bushfire. 


Protect Your Stored Water for Bushfire Emergencies 

Water tanks are crucial resources in firefighting efforts, and preserving their water supply is paramount. Take these steps to safeguard your stored water: 


  • Screen Inputs: Install fine mesh screens over inlet pipes and overflow outlets to shield stored water from ash and debris contamination. 
  • Dedicated Pump: Equip your tank with a dedicated pump for firefighting, ensuring a constant water supply in emergencies. 
  • Backup Power: Consider installing an independent power supply, such as a generator or solar-powered backup system, to maintain pump functionality during power outages. 


Preserving water quality and supply during the bushfire season ensures you are well-prepared for any emergency firefighting requirements. 


Create a Defensible Space Around Your Tank 

Establishing a defensible space around your above-ground tank is vital to minimize the impact of bushfire hazards. Follow these key steps: 


  • Clear Vegetation: Remove flammable vegetation and debris within a 30-meter radius of your tank, ensuring trees and shrubs are pruned and well-maintained. 
  • Non-Combustible Materials: For tanks on stands, use non-combustible materials for the stand to reduce fire risk. 
  • Shielding: Install shielding around your tank, if possible, using non-combustible materials like steel or brick walls to protect it from radiant heat. 


Creating a defensible space reduces the risk of fire spreading to your above-ground storage system, safeguarding your valuable resources. 


Conduct Regular Maintenance and Sealing 

Routine maintenance is vital to keep your above-ground tanks optimal for bushfire season. Essential tasks include: 


  • Regular Inspections: Visually inspect your tank for potential risks, addressing issues like corrosion, leaks, or damage promptly. 
  • Seal Openings: Ensure all openings, such as inlet and outlet pipes, vents, and hatches, are sealed with suitable materials like metal or fire-resistant seals to prevent ember ingress. 


Partnering with professional service providers like Raven Tanks for maintenance and repairs ensures peak tank performance during the bushfire season. Their expertise in tank design, installation, and maintenance guarantees robust storage solutions and responsive service during emergencies. 



Preparing your above-ground tank for the Australian bushfire season demands diligence and proactive planning. By facilitating emergency services access, protecting stored water, creating a defensible space, and conducting regular maintenance, you significantly reduce the risks posed by bushfires to your storage infrastructure. Partnering with professional service providers like Raven Tanks ensures expert care for your storage system, vital for safeguarding your valuable resources and property. 

In the face of unpredictable environmental conditions, taking necessary precautions to protect valuable assets is essential for long-term security and effectiveness. A well-prepared above-ground tank system translates to peace of mind for property owners, safeguarding against the uncertainties of the bushfire season. 

Take the necessary steps and seek professional support from Raven Tanks to ensure your above-ground tank is ready for the challenges of the bushfire season. With foresight and expert assistance, navigate Australia’s bushfire season with confidence, knowing your storage solution is protected and equipped for any eventuality. Contact us today for high-quality tank maintenance! 

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