Raven Tanks Perspective: Unveiling the Environmental and Economic Merits of Above-Ground Storage Tanks

Above-ground storage tanks stand as a pragmatic choice for numerous industries in Australia and the Pacific, including mining, energy, and government sectors. With over 15 years of expertise in servicing and replacing bolted square and round panel tanks, Raven Tanks has been at the forefront of championing environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 

This blog post takes a deep dive into the environmental and economic advantages of above-ground storage tanks, shedding light on why they’ve become a preferred option for businesses. 


  1. Reduced Environmental Impact

Prevention of Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Above-ground storage tanks significantly mitigate the risk of leaks and spills, ensuring minimal impact on soil and groundwater compared to underground alternatives. This proactive approach safeguards the environment from potential hazards associated with stored materials.

Easier Detection and Maintenance of Leaks: Quicker identification of leaks is made possible by the accessible exterior of above-ground storage tanks, minimizing the chance of environmental contamination. The simplicity of maintenance allows for swift rectification of any leaks, ensuring the protection of nearby ecosystems from hazardous materials.

Recyclability and Sustainability: Constructed from materials like recyclable steel, many above-ground storage tanks contribute to environmental sustainability. This eco-friendly approach aids in waste reduction and resource conservation, aligning with responsible and forward-thinking business decisions.


  1. Economic Advantages

Lower Installation Costs: Above-ground storage tanks boast a more straightforward and cost-effective installation process compared to their underground counterparts. Reduced excavation and ground preparation requirements translate to lower labor expenses, making them an economically attractive option.

Easier Access for Repairs and Maintenance: Enhanced accessibility for inspection, repairs, and maintenance results in reduced labor and equipment costs compared to the more challenging access requirements of underground tanks. Regular upkeep prolongs the tank’s lifespan, delivering long-term cost savings.

Flexibility for Expansion and Relocation: The adaptability of above-ground storage tanks facilitates cost-effective solutions for businesses with evolving needs. They are simpler to expand or relocate compared to underground tanks, offering flexibility for future growth or changes in location.


  1. Meeting Industry Demands with Innovative Solutions

Advancements in Tank Shapes and Materials: Continuous developments in tank shapes, materials, and designs address the diverse needs of various industries, contributing to the increasing popularity of above-ground storage tanks.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Storage Needs: Raven Tanks is committed to delivering innovative above-ground storage tank solutions tailored to the specific demands of different industries. Whether for water, chemicals, fuel, or waste, our tanks fulfill unique needs while prioritizing environmental sustainability and cost-efficiency.


Preserving the Environment for Future Generations 

One of the most significant merits of opting for above-ground storage tanks is the proactive effort to preserve the environment for future generations. By minimizing the risk of soil and groundwater contamination and advocating for recyclable materials, above-ground tank solutions reflect a commitment to long-term environmental responsibility. 



Above-ground storage tanks present remarkable environmental and economic benefits for businesses across Australia and the Pacific. As a leader in the industry, Raven Tanks provides tailored solutions that meet various storage requirements while prioritizing sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. Opting for an above-ground tank solution not only fulfills business demands but also contributes to environmental protection for generations to come. 

Explore Raven Tanks’ diverse range of above-ground storage tank solutions and discover how we can help your business thrive with innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective options. Contact our expert team today to discuss your specific requirements and let us design a storage tank solution aligned with your business needs and environmental values. 

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