Raven Tanks: Safeguarding Your Investment Through Regular Storage Tank Inspections

Raven Tanks recognizes the critical role that above-ground storage tanks play in various industries, serving as essential components for storing water, chemicals, and liquids. To ensure the ongoing safety, performance, and longevity of these valuable assets, regular inspections are imperative. This insightful blog post delves into the importance of routine inspections, shedding light on what these examinations involve and how they contribute to preventing potential issues and hazards. 

Conducting thorough and regular inspections is a proactive measure to detect problems early, mitigating the risk of serious, cost-intensive issues down the line. These assessments play a crucial role in identifying signs of wear and tear, corrosion, structural weakness, or leaks that could compromise the tank’s efficiency and safety. Beyond problem prevention, regular inspections are instrumental for optimal performance, extending the tank’s service life, and maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

Discover how Raven Tanks’ expert inspection services offer a world-class, comprehensive checkup to ensure your storage tanks remain in prime condition. With Raven Tanks’ extensive experience, advanced techniques, and unwavering commitment to exceptional service, you can trust in a solution that maintains the integrity, safety, and performance of your storage tanks. Understanding the importance of regular inspections and investing in professional services creates a solid foundation for the optimal management of your above-ground storage tanks. 


Components of Storage Tank Inspections 

To maintain the safety, performance, and longevity of storage tanks, regular inspections must encompass various aspects of tank functioning. Key components include: 


  • External Visual Inspection: Examining the tank’s exterior for corrosion, cracks, or signs of damage that could compromise its structural integrity and safety. 
  • Internal Visual Inspection: Examining the tank’s interior for potential corrosion, leaks, fractures, and sediment or sludge buildup that can affect the storage tank’s performance. 
  • Leak Detection: Thoroughly evaluating the tank to identify potential leaks using methodologies such as hydrostatic testing, ultrasonic testing, or pressure and vacuum testing. 
  • Inspection of Ancillary Components: Assessing the condition of tank support structures, secondary containment systems, piping, fittings, and other accessories to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. 


Benefits of Regular Storage Tank Inspections 

Conducting regular inspections of your storage tanks offers vital advantages, including: 


  • Early Detection of Leaks and Damage: Preventing costly or hazardous issues by identifying potential problems early. 
  • Preserving Tank Integrity: Ensuring the tank’s structure remains intact and free from defects or weaknesses. 
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Ensuring adherence to industry regulations and fulfilling legal obligations. 
  • Safeguard Against Environmental Damage: Preventing the release of harmful substances into the surroundings by managing containment systems. 
  • Maximizing Tank Lifespan: Ongoing maintenance and early detection of issues provided by regular inspections can help extend the service life of your storage tanks. 


Routine tank inspections foster a proactive approach to protecting your storage tanks, saving money, reducing risks, and promoting environmental responsibility in the long run. 


Recommended Frequency of Storage Tank Inspections 

The frequency of storage tank inspections varies depending on factors such as the tank’s age, materials, type, and local regulations. Some general guidelines include: 


  • Initial Inspection: Conducting an initial inspection of a newly-installed storage tank within a few months to ensure proper functioning and compliance with regulations. 
  • Periodic Inspections: Performing a comprehensive visual inspection every 1 to 3 years, depending on tank specifics and local requirements. 
  • Risk-Based Inspections: More frequent examinations may be needed based on stored materials and associated risks. 


For optimal protection and longevity of your storage tanks, consult with specialized professionals like Raven Tanks, providing tailored and comprehensive inspection plans for your specific needs. 


Raven Tanks’ Professional Inspection Services 

Raven Tanks offers a full suite of professional inspection services to maintain the integrity, safety, and compliance of your storage tanks. Their expertise benefits your inspection process in the following ways: 


  • Experienced Inspectors: Employing skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in tank inspections, ensuring thorough evaluations. 
  • Advanced Techniques: Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment for comprehensive inspections, accessing hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Tailored Solutions: Understanding that each storage tank has specific requirements, Raven Tanks offers customised inspection plans and strategies. 
  • Industry Compliance: Familiarity with Australian Standards and other local regulations, ensuring your storage tanks are fully compliant. 


Partnering with Raven Tanks for your storage tank inspections ensures the highest level of care, expertise, and attention to detail. 



Regular inspections of above-ground storage tanks are paramount in maintaining their safety, performance, and longevity. Understanding the importance of these evaluations, identifying key components involved, and recognizing the benefits offered by routine check-ups enable effective management of your storage tanks and protect your investment. 

Raven Tanks’ expert inspection services provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining the integrity and compliance of your storage tanks, offering both peace of mind and maximised lifespan for your valuable assets. With early detection, ongoing tank maintenance, and adherence to industry standards, regular inspections ultimately save time, money, and resources while promoting a safer, more environmentally responsible handling of above-ground storage tanks. Ask Raven Tanks about our services today! 

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