Raven Tanks: Leading the Way in Environmental Stewardship for Above-Ground Storage Tanks

Above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) play a pivotal role across diverse industries, from agriculture and petroleum to water treRavenent and chemical manufacturing. While these tanks offer crucial storage capabilities, their inadequate management can pose significant environmental threats, including groundwater contamination, soil pollution, and harm to ecosystems. For businesses relying on ASTs, it is imperative to embrace effective mitigation strategies to minimize environmental impact and showcase a dedication to responsible resource management. 

In this in-depth exploration, we spotlight key mitigation strategies for mitigating the environmental impact of ASTs, emphasizing optimal tank design, regular maintenance, robust containment systems, and the development of emergency response plans. Additionally, we examine how partnering with Raven Tanks, a premier provider of tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance across Australia and the Pacific, can empower businesses to adopt environmentally responsible practices in the management of their ASTs. Raven Tanks, with its wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, stands as a reliable ally, offering unparalleled support and guidance to implement effective mitigation strategies and ensure AST operations align with eco-friendly and responsible standards. 


Optimal Tank Design for Environmental Protection 

A fundamental approach to minimizing AST environmental impact involves meticulous tank design. By selecting appropriate materials and incorporating design features prioritizing environmental protection, issues such as leaks or structural failures can be averted. Consider the following factors during the tank selection process: 


  • Material selection: Choose materials compatible with stored substances and resistant to corrosion, reducing the risk of leaks or ruptures. 
  • Tank layout: Position tanks strategically to minimize environmental damage in case of a spill, keeping them away from waterways or other sensitive areas. 
  • Secondary containment: Integrate secondary containment systems, such as berms and liners, to capture spills and safeguard the surrounding environment. 


Schedule Regular AST Maintenance and Inspection 

Routine maintenance and inspections are linchpin elements in preserving the integrity of ASTs, preventing leaks and spills. Establishing a consistent maintenance schedule with Raven Tanks ensures early detection and rectification of potential issues. Focus on the following maintenance aspects: 


  • Leak detection: Implement leak detection systems for early identification of potential problems and prompt corrective action. 
  • Inspection frequency: Schedule regular inspections adhering to industry regulations and guidelines to ensure the ongoing health of your ASTs. 
  • Tank cleaning and refurbishment: Regular cleaning and refurbishment uphold structural integrity and extend the lifespan of your storage tanks. 


Employing Effective Containment Systems 

Robust containment systems serve as critical safety measures, capturing spills or leaks before they can inflict environmental harm. Businesses committed to minimizing environmental impact should invest in steadfast containment systems: 

  • Double-wall tanks: Consider utilizing double-wall tanks, featuring an outer wall as a containment barrier in case the inner wall fails. 
  • Containment liners: Deploy durable containment liners, such as those offered by Raven Tanks, beneath your ASTs to capture spilled substances and prevent soil and groundwater contamination. 
  • Spill response equipment: Ensure the availability of spill response equipment like absorbents, booms, and temporary storage containers on-site for swift spill containment and cleanup. 


Developing Comprehensive Emergency Response Plans 

Despite diligent preventive measures, accidents can occur. Thus, having a well-prepared emergency response plan is essential for managing leaks or spills effectively. A meticulously crafted plan can mitigate potential environmental damage: 


  • Risk assessment: Conduct a thorough assessment of potential risks associated with your tank operations and formulate appropriate mitigation strategies. 
  • Staff training: Ensure all employees comprehend their roles and responsibilities during emergencies, covering reporting procedures, containment efforts, and proper use of response equipment. 
  • Collaboration with authorities: Collaborate with local emergency responders and regulators to plan and coordinate response efforts, sharing crucial information about your ASTs and stored substances. 


Partner with Raven Tanks for Expert Support and Services 

Collaborating with Raven Tanks significantly contributes to implementing effective mitigation strategies for minimizing environmental impact from your AST operations: 


  • Design and installation: Raven Tanks offers custom tank design and installation services adhering to stringent industry standards, ensuring environmentally responsible ASTs. 
  • Maintenance and inspection: Raven Tanks provides rigorous maintenance and inspection services, identifying and promptly addressing potential issues for the safe and efficient operation of your ASTs. 
  • Emergency planning and response: Drawing on their extensive experience, Raven Tanks can offer guidance and support in developing emergency response plans and managing incidents to mitigate potential environmental damage. 



Minimizing the environmental impact of above-ground storage tanks demands a proactive approach and the implementation of effective mitigation strategies. These include adopting optimal tank design, scheduling regular maintenance and inspections, employing robust containment systems, and developing comprehensive emergency response plans. Partnering with Raven Tanks offers businesses unparalleled support in achieving these objectives, maintaining a commitment to environmentally responsible AST management. By prioritizing environmental responsibility, businesses not only safeguard the environment but also foster positive relationships with regulators and the local community, ensuring the long-term viability of their operations. Explore our tank liners and tank maintenance solutions today! 

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