Achieve Total Tank Lifecycle Optimization with Raven Engineering Group

At Raven Engineering Group, our mission is to deliver complete tank solutions that maximize safety, compliance and value over every phase of the asset lifecycle. With decades of experience, we are Australia’s premier provider of installation, maintenance and repair services for all storage system types and sizes. 


 Strategic Tank Design and Configuration 

  • Material Science: Our engineers leverage extensive materials expertise to recommend optimal tank substances, coatings and protective layers based on your specific commercial application and environmental exposure. This ensures long-term integrity. 
  • Spatial Optimization: We help design ideal on-site positioning and multi-tank configurations tailored for your property, workflows and layout. Efficiency begins here. 
  • Demand Analysis: Our teams utilize data modelling and forecasting to advise tank capacities that accommodate both current and future inventory needs, avoiding undersupply or overbuilding. 
  • Regulatory Guidance: We ensure your storage designs satisfy all localized codes and stringent industry standards from the initial conception phase. Compliance is guaranteed. 


End-to-End New Tank Installation 

  • Civil Engineering: We oversee complete site preparation including clearing, grading, drainage, foundations, access roads and fencing optimized for your new tanks. 
  • Structural Assembly: Our crews handle on-site delivery and full structural assembly using precision techniques to integrate tanks with existing infrastructure. 
  • Liner Solutions: We install customized, chemically resistant liners and seals to maximize product lifespan and mitigate environmental risks. 
  • Safety Precautions: We outfit tanks with comprehensive monitoring equipment, pressure release valves, vents, fire suppression and emergency shut-off systems. 


 Proactive Tank Inspection and Maintenance 

  • Interior/Exterior Evaluation: Our technicians perform thorough monthly, quarterly and annual visual checks of tank exteriors and interiors to identify any damage or risks. 
  • Sediment Prevention: We provide expert cleaning services on a customized schedule to eliminate dangerous sediment buildup and maintain capacity. 
  • Leak Detection: Utilizing advanced techniques, our crews identify any potential leakage issues in early stages before they become environmental hazards. 
  • Compliance Reporting: We maintaindetailed servicing records and documentation satisfying all regulatory bodies and insurance providers.  



Emergency and Scheduled Repair Services 

  • Rapid Response Teams: We dispatch specialized crews immediately 24/7 to any tank failure or emergency to resolve issues and prevent escalation. 
  • Assessment Technology: Our ROV drones and sensors provide comprehensive internal and external mapping of tank damage to determine repair needs. 
  • Capacity Expansion: We handle seamless tank upgrades, replacements and new installations as business needs and inventory levels grow over time. 
  • Code Alignment: Tank repair, replacement and improvements ensure your assets remain compliant as regulations evolve. 


 Trust Raven Engineering Group’s integrated solutions across the complete tank lifecycle for optimal ROI. Contact us today to discuss your needs! 

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